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Arts Initiative:

Art education has been proven to improve children’s educational success rates, mental health, and self-esteem. A comprehensive study conducted at the University of Maryland found that one year of arts education was significantly associated with a 20% reduction in the likelihood of school suspension (Elpus, 2014).  Beyond helping to increase positive behaviors and overall education attendance, art programs directly impact emotional development.  In a recent study observing teacher-reported emotional regulation in low income children, comprehensive art enrichment was observed to promote social-emotional readiness to learn (Brown & Sax, 2013). Because a supplemental arts program has the power to positively impact children who may not otherwise have a creative outlet. Asali develops and implements arts education programs in the communities where we operate. Currently, Tanzanian teaching methods rely heavily on traditional dictation style classrooms, with little time and energy dedicated to creativity.  Asali can provide both resources and training for partner organizations to implement this type of program.  We look for partners who recognize the importance of the arts as a vital source of enrichment for the developing child, and we create and customize our programs to meet each community’s specific needs.