Grassroots organizations can change our global community.


What we believe:

We believe in the power of local leaders and grassroots organizations to best identify the needs of their communities.  At the same time, we recognize that many of these organizations lack resources and funding. We can bridge this gap! With adequate support, community-based programs can make a lasting impact in their region.

What we do:

We collaborate with partner organizations to develop programs focused on improving the lives of children around the world.  Our goal is to see every child safe, healthy, and enriched.

How we collaborate:

Asali partners with sustainable grassroots organizations that work towards bettering the lives of the children in their communities. Potential partner sites are evaluated based on a set of strict criteria, ensuring that they are in line with Asali’s mission and philosophy. Once a partner sight is vetted, we hold an in-country meeting to develop a collaborative rapport and identify specific community needs. Next, we develop and implement individualized, needs-based projects, allowing for more targeted impact.

How we measure success:

Asali believes that to make a lasting impact in our communities, we need to develop partnerships with mutual support and accountability measures.  Each program that we establish will have a predetermined measure of success and evaluation system to ensure that our resources are being used efficiently and that our partners are satisfied with our collaboration. We are constantly learning and improving our model as we work together with our partners.