Our Team


Margot Hinchey

Margot is an entrepreneur, business owner, world traveler, and Asali’s Chairman of the Board. She brings to Asali six years of community development work both locally, in Boston, and abroad.  Margot is currently operating as our in-country liaison with our first partner, Simba’s Footprints.

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Sophie Bellenis

Sophie is a pediatric occupational therapist who has spent over two years working in both the education and healthcare sectors in Tanzania. Her doctoral thesis work and true passion focus on culturally competent program development, and she currently focuses on Asali’s Healthcare Initiative.

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Amy Truschel

While living in Ghana at Rafiki Village in 2010, Amy found herself teaching a first grade class. Fast forward seven years, she is graduating with her Master in Education and is in her fourth year of teaching kindergarten. Amy has a strong understanding of diversified learning practices, and handles Asali’s curriculum development for the Education Initiative.


Pam Fraher

Pam has spent her career supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in Boston. She brings to the team a vast knowledge of business development strategy and goal planning.  Pam works with Asali’s partners as head of our Program Development Initiative.


Margaret Matook

Margaret is Asali’s Secretary of the Board. She uses her experience in administration and publishing to write grants and handle the back end of Asali’s logistics.

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Charlotte LeTourneau

Charlotte works in the nonprofit sector with healthcare professionals to increase communication and international medical collaboration. She brings to Asali experience in small business management, event coordination, and social media strategy.